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Summer Solstice Stonehenge


The Summer Solstice at Stonehenge has always attracted a large number of visitors, keen to welcome the dawn of the longest day in the Northern Hemisphere. In 2009, visitors for the Summer Solstice exceeded 35,000 a record number for this spectacular event.

Stage Electrics has worked with English Heritage since 2000 to provide the specialist lighting equipment, power distribution and services for this spectacle. Services included safety lighting for the heritage site, catering facilities, lighting for public areas including the car park, mains distribution for site contractors and an emergency PA system with battery back up facility for pubic safety announcements by emergency services.

Stage Electrics placed various lighting around the stone circle to ensure public safety over night. This included a combination of blue and white floodlights rigged on temporary lighting platforms, to create a soft and ambient effect around the stones. Stage Electrics work throughout the night to maintain the lighting, turning the lights off as dawn approached which allowed visitors to enjoy the sunrise in natural daylight.

In preparation for the Solstice access, Stonehenge closes to the public at 3pm on 20th June. Stage Electrics were permitted 3 hrs to enter the monument site and set up the lighting towers before the gates open at 7pm for those attending the Solstice celebrations. Sunrise on Midsummers Day occured at 0458 BST sunrise (sunrise time for 2009).


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