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Special Events

2012 Olympic Announcement

When Greenwich & Docklands International Festivals approached Stage Electrics to assist with the design of a bespoke stage and technical events package for the 2012 Olympic host city result, there were only 4 weeks left until the announcement.

With a build up time allowed of just 36 hours and only 12 hours to dismantle everything after the event, accurate planning was crucial.

Olympics BannerThere were three possible outcomes of the host city bid announcement and, therefore, three different scenarios had to be prepared for. Dependent on the outcome, different songs, speeches and links were to be progressed, all of which were planned in minute detail.

Multiple live television links were arranged, including to the G8 Summit at Gleneagles for a live outside broadcast with the then Prime Minister, Tony Blair.

Special EventThe unique outdoor venue set in Trafalgar Square was fitted with custom designed truss elements and complemented with full lighting, sound and AV solutions.

A delighted crowd roared when London was named as the winning host city to a magnificent display of pageantry and celebration in a flawlessly smooth event!


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