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Royal Britania Naval College - Case Study

Britannia Royal Naval College

BRNC Dartmouth

Stage Electrics was challenged with designing and installing a high quality PA system for the Britannia Royal Naval College Senior Gun Room.

The client approached Stage Electrics because they were confident that Stage Electrics had the expertise to install high quality PA systems in acoustically difficult rooms.

Stage Electrics upgraded the PA system by installing high quality RCF Monitor series speakers. The new speakers were repositioned, mounting them upside down to stop the lower level feedback bouncing around the high ceiling.

The omni-directional microphones were replaced with more dynamic lavalier microphone heads to further reduce feedback.

To bring the PA system up to date, a user friendly Sound Web controller, ideal for multiple users, was also installed.

BRNC Dartmouth

Additional high end equipment was introduced to the PA system in the form of a touch panel enabling the user to set up presets for the room depending on the event.

The design of the new PA system overcame the room's acoustic challenges leaving the Britannia Royal Naval College elated with the results.

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