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Millennium Bridge

Millennium Bridge30th January 2009

Stage Electrics has revived the architectural lighting system of the Gateshead Millennium Bridge with spectacular effect. The new lighting system's colour mixing effect LED projectors compliment the striking, white arched structure and has created vibrant illumination through both static coloured illumination and dynamic colour changing sequences. The system is programmed to run without the need for user intervention, starting up at sunset and running through until 1am. The energy efficient bridge lighting has been very well received by the North East general public, as well as the huge number of national and international tourists who visit the site daily.

Gateshead Council initially approached the Tyneside Branch of Stage Electrics, to provide options for the renewal of the arch lighting system. The bridge's lighting system had been programmed and serviced by Stage Electrics for several years, but was in need of updating. Stage Electrics' solution was based on the use of Philips' flag ship new product, the Colour Kinetics ColourReach. The ColourReach is a high output, 3 colour LED architectural projector, utilising state of the art LED technology to provide over 4,000 lumens of output and provide a very flexible selection of beam angles. The CK ColourReach was an ideal replacement for the existing irideon fittings, and the prestigious Gateshead landmark is one of the first locations in the UK to be illuminated using this state of the art, energy efficient light fitting. At the heart of the control system is the Pharos LPC1 lighting control unit which controls the light fittings via DMX, using astronomically triggered timelines as well as real time special events. Two remote touch screens have been provided to allow bridge staff to take manual control of the system for last minute special requests or specific colour requirements. The screens also allow staff to test the system whenever required. Stage Electrics also provided a Zero 88 light converse visualisation system, to allow the Gateshead Council to view a full colour, 3D rendered image of lighting on the bridge.

Craig Grieveson from Stage Electrics comments: "It has been a pleasure to work with Gateshead Council on such a prestigious project and to see the bridge illumination system updated using the Stage Electrics specified system is incredibly rewarding."
Andy Booth, technical project manager from Stage Electrics adds: "Everyone involved really pulled together to make this project happen in a short time frame and to a tight deadline making it an interesting and challenging job."

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