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Stage Electrics Flame Up

29th October 2008

Stage Electrics is pleased to announce the addition of SAFEX-FLAMEJETTT® to their extensive portfolio of hire and sales products.

This is the first device of its kind that produces large flame effects without on stage propane bottles. It produces extremely safe, effective and impressive bright tongues of flame and fireballs up to 4m and is practically smokeless. Unlike the majority of fire-effect devices the SAFEX-FLAMEJETTT® works with an aerosol containing the propellant / fuel mixture.

The 380g aerosol contains enough propellant to produce large numbers of flames and fireballs, ensuring that only a small amount of flammable substance is on stage. For professional use the device is equipped with DMX 512 connections (DMX-In and Slave-Out). To operate, three channels are necessary: an arming channel, a firing channel and a flame duration channel. It is equipped with pre-selectable effect programmes and can produce rhythmic tongues of flames and fireballs that can be controlled by DMX for arbitrary tact pulse rates. A hand-held remote control is available for users without DMX control. The product is easy to use with most stage technicians able to operate SAFEX-FLAMEJETTT® without any problems.

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