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Grand MA at the Jersey Opera House

3rd July, 2009

The Jersey Opera House has stood proudly on the island of Jersey since 1865, despite some major set backs including a devastating fire in 1899. Today it remains at the heart of Jersey's performing arts and delivers a wide range of performances including musicals, comedy and special interest events.

Grand MAAs part of the changing developments of the theatre's technology, the Opera House has purchased the new MA2 Light console by MA Lighting. The MA2 Light is a substantial addition to the controls of the theatre and this sale by Stage Electrics, is the first MA2 from the UK office to go directly into a theatre venue. There have been a number of consoles sold to hire companies which are touring the UK, but this significant sale is the first in to a theatre. The MA2 light is a compact version of the new Grand MA2 full-size and is the optimal console for control of all kinds of lighting tools like moving lights, LEDs, video and media servers. Simon Francklin, technical manger at the Jersey Opera House was keen to specify a MA console after using them at theatres in Southend, Essex and The Palace Theatre, Westcliff with positive results. He comments: 'We placed the order with Stage Electrics due to our long running connection with them. More importantly as Stage Electrics are a MA Lighting distributor we knew the after sales service and support would be exceptional, which is extremely important for our theatre.'

The desk has already been put to good use on a few one night shows with generic and moving lights, and has proved its worth as an investment for the venue. Recently a local group held their centenary gala event which used generic lighting, different smoke, haze and foggers, with LED and moving lights. As the summer programme approaches, the desk will be getting lots of heavy use for rock and roll shows, comedians, children's shows and plays.

Simon Barrett of MA Lighting, who has been to Jersey to train the Opera House team on the console says: 'The MA2 is the perfect option for a venue like Jersey Opera House because of the speed and flexibility that it offers the crew. The MA2 allows them to move easily between operating style as well as coming with a number of extras including the free visualisation software, MA 3D, allowing the guys to pre-program without having to have the lights rigged. On top of this they can use MA Lighting's onPC software, giving them a free tracking back-up for the console.'

Simon Franklin remains delighted with the desk and the many benefits it is bringing to performances commenting: 'The support has been great from Stage Electrics and MA Lighting UK, the MA2 has surpassed my expectations and made a great difference to our programming.'

Stage Electrics' business development manager Andy Elsegood oversaw the sale of the console says: 'Simon from the Opera House was adamant he wanted to go down the MA route, I've been impressed with the support from MA especially as this is a brand new console.'

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