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If you anticipate the need to connect a variety of devices to different power sources, you're going to need the right power adaptor.

Take a look at the power adaptors collection from Stage Electrics now. We stock a large range of adaptors for almost every power source imaginable. Plus, so you don't suffer with a power outage at a crucial stage, we only sell adaptors manufactured by industry-recognised brands such as Lewden.

Got a question related to power adaptors? Our expert team will be happy to answer your queries. Just get in touch via the ‘Need Some Advice’ link below.


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Product code 658-4698

£4.74 From: £3.24 £3.24 (Inc. VAT) ≅$4.46 Quantity Discounts Available

In Stock

Product code 609-0533

Encore Splitline 16A Blue 240V 6h Single Phase 3 way Adaptor with a Black Shell

£21.60 £20.52 £20.52 (Inc. VAT) ≅$28.25

In Stock

Product code 360-1415

16A 230V Single Phase 3pin 2way splitter IP44 - Midnight Black

£23.57 £22.39 £22.39 (Inc. VAT) ≅$30.82

In Stock

Product code 780-5987

16A 230V Single Phase Blue Plug to 13A Socket Adaptor IP44

£14.10 £13.39 £13.39 (Inc. VAT) ≅$18.44

In Stock

Product code 590-1432

Allows 4 pieces of equipment to be powered via one mains input (not fused). Aluminuim Enclosure, Max Load 10A 250V. Dimensions 46 x 75 x 220mm

£14.90 £14.16 £14.16 (Inc. VAT) ≅$19.49

In Stock

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