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Le Maitre FP01 4 x sheets of Pyroflash Flash Paper

Product code 711-0683

4 x Sheets of Pyroflash Flash Paper 105mm x 50mm that Burns Quickly with a Bright Orange Flame Leaving No Ash. For use on its Own or in Flash Guns & Flash Wands. Must be Dried before use

£14.40 £12.60 £12.60 (Inc. VAT) ≅$15.74

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Special delivery item

This pyrotechnic item requires special carriage, not all delivery methods are availiable. May only be delivered within the UK. YOU MUST BE OVER 18 TO ORDER THIS PRODUCT.

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Flash Paper is made from nitrocellulose and burns quickly and completely with a bright orange flame and leaves no ash. It can be used on its own, or in the Flash Guns and Flash Wands

1. Flash Paper is a nitrated products and has been processed with concentrated Nitric and Sulphuric acids to form a modified paper which will rapidly burn with no smoke if ignited when dry.

2. Flash Paper is not a restricted material provided that it has been provided supplied wetted with either water or alcohol. It is a flammable solid material in this condition and is not covered by explosive regulations. This is why it is supplied in sealed polythene bags.

Flash Paper must always be in a wet condition for transportation purposes.

3. Wet Flash Paper should be stored in a suitable lidded container, away from heat or ignition sources, in a further box of cupboard or room, with no public access. Flash Paper that has been dried prior to use may be kept in a separate lidded container, again away from heat or ignition sources, but not more than the content of one polythene bag at a time.

4. On no condition should dried Flash Paper be kept in bulk, as it could probably, if ignited, cause either, at best, a massive fire hazard, or at worst, a massive explosion hazard.


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