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Zero 88 00-114-11 Jester ML24 Lighting Control Desk

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Jester ML24 Memory Control Desk with Direct fader Control of 24 Channels of DMX & 30 Moving Lights. Faders for 24 Channel Single Preset or 12 Channel Two Preset Manual Control. Supplied with a 13Amp Power Supply

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Feature packed memory consoles with added control of up to 30 moving lights

The Jester ML series of lighting consoles from Zero 88 offer users a cost effective solution for control of up to 30 moving lights. All consoles have effects engines, the ability to store palettes or preset focuses and use the comprehensive Zero 88 fixture library.

The Jester ML24 & ML48 also offer direct control of 24 or 48 dimmer channels. Playback is either via the submasters or through a traditional theatrical cue stack. Up to 48 channels can be controlled on any of the Jester ML series by using any DMX desk connected to the DMX Input.

A monitor port is standard on all consoles. Channel, cuestack and submaster data can all be viewed using the monitor. LCD screens allow users to view all information needed to operate the console allowing it to be used without a monitor.

A USB port allows users to back-up shows that have been recorded on the Jester ML.

A DMX in option allows the Jester ML series to be used as an economical back-up console for other desks. It is possible to snap shot a full 512 channels of DMX into submasters or the memory stack.

The Jester ML desks have three modes, allowing them to operate as simple two scene preset desks through to a fully functional memory consoles. In playback mode the user has full access to all the channels on the console. This allows live changes to be made to specials instantly.

The Jester ML series offers playback via a traditional cue stack and can also be used together with traditional Jester consoles allowing an upgrade path users who wish to add moving lights to their rigs.

MIDI notes can be used to trigger channels or submasters. A sound to light jack allows for chases to be sequenced to music. Chases can be recorded into the memory stack or directly into submasters.

The Jester ML series provides users with a powerful set of programming and playback tools in an easy to use and economical lighting console.


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