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Product code 755-5899

A Ready to use Fog/Cloud Effect in a spray can. Creates a light haze effect in 30 Seconds, lasting up to an hour, allowing beams of light to be seen without the use of a Smoke or Haze Machine. Suitable for Small Venues and Photographic Applications. The effect is completely safe and a non-irritant, with a slightly dusty odour

£13.34 £11.62 £11.62 (Inc. VAT) ≅$14.60

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Product code 423-7152

£299.99 £299.99 (Inc. VAT) ≅$376.96

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Product code 647-2584

Ultralight Headband Microphone with Omni-Directional Characteristic finished in a Tan colour. Suitable for use with the Sennheiser Radio Microphone Beltpack

From: £33.00 £33.00 (Inc. VAT) ≅$41.47 Quantity Discounts Available

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Product code 773-0872

The SPLIXLER is a highly versitile audio adaptor, with two male and two female 3 pin XLR connections, it offers a variety of input & output combinations, including splitting a signal and changing connector genders, all of which automatically configures. Every tool box should have one!

£18.00 £18.00 (Inc. VAT) ≅$22.62

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