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WCE-AV Invests in Prolyte Verto Truss

A long-term customer of Prolyte stockist and distributor Stage Electrics, WCE-AV offers solutions for live events, conferences, theatre shows trade hire and many more, they are experienced in working with Prolyte trussing having rented the products from different companies and owning staging products. The step to purchasing more Prolyte products was an easy decision.

WCE-AV began looking for the right trussing product to invest in over 12 months ago. They discussed their requirements with Stage Electrics account manager, Jonty Gray who introduced the idea of Verto trussing. “They wanted a product that was as quiet as possible to install and fast to put up and take down.”

Jonty continued “We stock a huge range of the Prolyte trussing and staging, ready for next day delivery. WCE-AV were already buying StageDex staging and consumables. We talked this through and Verto seemed the perfect solution for them, the benefits of faster and quieter assembly was exactly what they needed”

"I would say that it probably takes us at least 50% less time to build trusses with Verto compared to conventional truss systems", says MD Wayne Whitson from WCE-AV

The Verto truss is based on a new principle of truss connection, where the sections are joined by a rotating coupler system. Verto is a revolutionary system, making truss connection fast, silent and safe. Its structure resembles that of the standard H30V truss. The system brings a totally new perspective on truss assembly and is described as a game changer in our industry. This truss can greatly benefit the daily working practice for technicians, its tool-less connection is almost completely silent. Tested general sound levels are around 55dB, where a conical truss system generates a sound level of 80dB during assembly. Furthermore, it reduces the assembly and disassembly time.

The staff of WCE-AV now work with Verto weekly. The general reaction from both staff and clients to Verto has been very good. Everyone is impressed by the speed of build. The biggest thing that everyone mentions is how quiet the system is.

WCE-AV Hire Manager Martin Pretty adds: "We chose Verto over standard H30 truss due to the speed of build and the reduced noise level. We work in a lot of hotels and conference venues where noise is always a concern. But I can highly recommend Verto whatever your event or location!"

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