A Brief History of Truss by Prolyte

Have you ever wondered about the history of truss?

Founded in 1991, Prolyte has been the market leader in the development and manufacturing of trussing and staging for many years.

But what are the origins of truss? We asked, and the team at Prolyte answered…

Has truss always been made of aluminium?

The history of aluminium trusses is a more recent development compared to traditional wooden or steel trusses, with significant advancements primarily occurring in the 20th century.

Why is truss made of aluminium?

Aluminium began to be used more widely in construction due to its advantageous properties, such as a high strength-to-weight ratio, resistance to corrosion, and ease of fabrication. However, it was initially more expensive than other materials, which limited its large-scale adoption.

After World War II, aluminium production became more cost-effective, leading to broader use in various industries, including construction and aerospace. Aluminium trusses started gaining popularity for their lightweight yet strong characteristics, making them ideal for specific applications where weight savings were crucial.

When did truss become popular in the entertainment industry?

In the 1950s and 1960s, aluminium trusses became more predominant in the entertainment industry, particularly for stage lighting, rigging, and temporary structures. Their ease of assembly and transport made them ideal for touring productions, concerts, and other live events.

A couple of years later, advances in technology and welding techniques improved the production and performance of aluminium trusses. The use of aluminium trusses expanded beyond the entertainment industry into architectural and structural applications. Their aesthetic appeal and functional benefits made them popular for both temporary and permanent installations.

From their early use in specialised applications to widespread adoption in various industries, aluminium trusses have become an essential component of modern construction and event production. Their combination of light weight, strength, and versatility continues to drive innovation and expand their use in new and creative ways.

Since 1991, Prolyte has continued to design and develop structural elements for the entertainment industry. From aluminium and steel truss systems to roofs, accessories, solutions, and more, Prolyte has developed many pioneering and innovative key products for the industry.

Prolyte are well known for their high-quality products, solutions, and advice. In recent years, Prolyte has influenced the market worldwide and set new standards for the industry. Customers around the globe rely on Prolyte because of its experience, expertise, and know-how.

Have you got more questions about truss? 

A member of our team would be happy to help. Please email hello@stage-electrics.co.uk or visit the truss section in our Online Store.


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