More video has been uploaded to the internet in the last thirty days than has been made by broadcasters in the last thirty years...

Projection Screen and Projector Installed at the Hub Theatre Hayward Heath College
Video is changing everything. 

In-person and digital content has shifted how audiences engage with events, performances and presentations. And online meetings aren’t going away anytime soon. 

There have never been more options to integrate video technology into your space. From desktop and wall mounted flat screen displays to LED/LCD/Laser Projectors and large-scale LED video walls. 

Make your presentation come alive with video. 

We supply and install video presentation systems in conference centres, primary and secondary schools, colleges, universities, and performance spaces across the UK. Once installed, our Inspection, Testing and Servicing teams can help ensure your system continues to work properly. In short, we offer the full service. From the supply and installation of video presentation systems to the inspection, testing and service of them, we’ve got you covered.


Want to learn more about video presentation systems? Contact us. We’re ready to help you choose a video presentation system that meets your needs, and once we’ve helped you with that, we can install the system for you too. Our expert team can manage your video installation from start to finish, which leaves you with plenty of time to plan what’s going to happen in front of the camera.


Looking for a video presentation system right now? You’ll find a range of systems, cables, connectors and extension cables for video systems in our shop.


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