Everything you need to know about Prolyte Truss.

Everything you need to know about Prolyte Truss.

If you’ve been following us on social media recently then you will have seen that Mike Clarke, our resident Technical Sales Consultant for Rigging and Trussing has been busting Prolyte myths every Monday for the past 6 weeks in a segment we’ve been calling Mikes Monday Mythbusting Sessions.

Here are the questions Mike has been answering:

Is all Truss compatible with Prolyte?

No! Not all trussing is compatible with Prolyte. Other manufacturers may claim that their truss aligns perfectly with Prolyte, but this isn't always the case. It’s important to exercise extreme caution when mixing different brands of truss, as this creates an entirely new structure, making both brands structural calculations void. If you can’t afford to take that risk, we would recommend against using different types of truss together and stick with Prolyte.

Is all truss the same?

No! Prolyte uses a unique 4 Point noding system where four diagonals converge on the main chord at one point. This design provides twice the space to suspend fixtures, so it's more than just functional, it looks great, too.


Is all trussing and staging made the same way?

No! Contrary to popular belief, not all trussing and staging products are made the same way. Nor are they made to the same standard. Each manufacturer has their own design philosophy, manufacturing standards, processes, and techniques, which aren’t necessarily the same, many of the copies are set out to reduce the cost and as a consequence, the quality. Prolyte sets itself apart with a distinct focus on superior quality.


Is all professional staging the same, regardless of the brand?

No! Some people claim that all decks are the same, regardless of the brand. They're wrong. LiteDeck was the original aluminium deck manufacturer, it showcases superior engineering and build quality. Their decks boast features like vibration-free mounting, 19mm Birch Ply, a weight of 48kg, and a load rating of 500kg per square meter- the others are all copies.


Does Prolyte still exist?

Of course it does! Prolyte is alive and kicking and remains at the forefront of industry innovation and quality. Built consistently and to the highest standard, bought 20 years ago or today, Prolyte fits together effortlessly and safely.


What is Verto Truss?

Verto is Prolyte’s patented coupling system for truss, it’s a simple, FAST and effective solution. Rather than the usual pins and legs, Verto truss uses a conical rotating system meaning that your truss is safely and securely joined. Verto is designed in H30VH40V and H40R. Designed for indoor use, this fast, easy and quiet system is a rigger’s best friend.


For Mike’s quick tutorial on how to use Verto Truss click here.

Prolyte is a leader in industry innovation and quality. A safe and secure investment, you can rely on Prolyte products- and you can rely on Mike and Stage Electrics.

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