Green Light: Why it's time to switch from tungsten to LED.

Green Light: Why it's time to switch from tungsten to LED.

In today's world, the transition to a more sustainable, energy-efficient future has never been more vital. The steps we take towards a greener, more sustainable way of living in the next three years will impact future generations for a lifetime. 

For many schools, theatres, and venues, transitioning from existing tungsten lighting rigs to greener, LED alternatives represents a significant opportunity to reduce the impact the operation of their performance spaces has on the planet. 

LED theatre lighting is a dramatically more energy-efficient alternative to traditional tungsten lighting rigs. While both types of lighting serve the same essential purpose—illuminating our stages and auditoriums—their differences couldn't be starker. LEDs consume up to 80% less power than tungsten lights, translating directly into lower energy usage and cheaper energy bills. 

Beyond cost savings, adopting eco- friendly LED lighting also aligns with the need to protect our environment. LEDs release less heat, reducing the need for additional cooling systems and further conserving energy. Lower energy consumption means fewer greenhouse gas emissions, aiding the battle against climate change.

Did you know?

Many incandescent lamps are only 5 – 10% efficient. E.g., only ~60w of a 1000w of energy may be emitted as light. As a result, up to ~940w is emitted as heat. 

As we head towards a greener future, manufacturers are reducing or discontinuing the production of energy-inefficient tungsten lamps. This situation is making these bulbs increasingly hard to find and, consequently, more expensive. By investing in LED lighting now, you can avoid supply chain uncertainties and ensure seamless performances without any unexpected hitches.

The financial argument for LEDs extends beyond just energy cost savings. Yes, an LED lighting rig uses fewer fixtures and less power, which means lower utility bills. But also consider the longevity of LEDs. With lifetimes significantly longer than tungsten lamps, the need for frequent replacements—and their associated costs—is drastically reduced.

In conclusion, transitioning from tungsten to LED lighting is about keeping up with technological advancements and embracing a more sustainable, cost-effective future. It's about ensuring continuity in your performances and providing the best experiences for your audience without compromising our planet. 

Ready to upgrade to LED?

We're here to help, from discussing your challenges to advising which course of action may suit you best: 

Our Venue Services team can inspect and test your existing infrastructure before transitioning from tungsten to LED lighting and advise on any compliance issues you may need to address.

Our Projects team can specify and install any changes to your power and data infrastructure and transition your space to LED lights.

Our Product Sales team are on hand to offer advice and suggestions on the right LED fixtures based on your requirements.

Let's talk.

Call us on 03330 142 100, email or contact your Stage Electrics Account Manager to start your journey towards a brighter, more energy-efficient future. 

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