Three Reasons You Need to Upgrade to LED Lighting

In the world of performance lighting, from schools, colleges, and universities to festivals, gigs and theatre, stage lighting plays a pivotal role in creating captivating and immersive experiences.


For decades, tungsten lighting rigs were the go-to option, but with it getting harder and harder to source replacement lamps, rising energy costs, and LED lighting providing a greener alternative, it’s time for a lighting upgrade.


In this article, we share three reasons to upgrade to LED lighting and explain why now is the right time is to make the change.


1. Continuity: sourcing tungsten lamps is becoming increasingly difficult, and there is a good reason for this. European legislation has effectively banned tungsten light sources consequently, many lighting manufacturers have shifted their focus to LED, resulting in a dwindling supply of tungsten lamps. This scarcity poses a significant risk for performance spaces that rely on tungsten lighting rigs and puts future performances in jeopardy.


2. Cash: compared to tungsten lights, LED lighting fixtures use significantly less power, reducing energy consumption which can translate into substantial cost savings. Moreover, often, fewer fixtures are needed to light the same space because LED fixtures use less power to produce the same brightness level and each fixture can produce a wide range of colours. These benefits not only reduce your venue's energy demands but also cut down your spend on consumables such as lamps and gel. 


3. Climate: we all have a responsibility to adopt greener practices and live more sustainably. By switching to environmentally friendly LED lighting, you will use less energy, reducing your carbon footprint and use less single use plastics, such as lighting gels. Less energy equals fewer greenhouse gas emissions, less single use plastic reduces waste, all contributing to a more sustainable planet. 


It's a big decision to upgrade to LED, but the benefits on and off stage are even bigger.


LED lighting fixtures offer a broader spectrum of possibilities. This functionality can enhance the mood of a scene, bring a performance to life and transform an audience's experience. Dimmable and adjustable, offering precise control over the lighting environment, LED fixtures offer everything tungsten does and more.


Are You Ready to begin your journey to a brighter future?


Stage Electrics are here to help, from discussing your challenges to advising which course of action may suit you best: 


  • Our Venue Services team can inspect and test your existing infrastructure before transitioning from tungsten to LED lighting and advise on any compliance issues you may need to address.


  • Our Projects team can specify and install any changes to your power and data infrastructure and transition your space to LED lights.


  • Our Equipment Sales team are on hand to offer advice and suggestions on the right LED fixtures based on your requirements.


Let's talk.


Call 03330 142 100 or complete our Contact Us form. We look forward to chatting. 

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