Tecpro 27-511 BP511 Series 2 Intercom Beltpack 1ch 3pin XLR
Tecpro 27-511 BP511 Series 2 Intercom Beltpack 1ch 3pin XLR

Tecpro 27-511 BP511 Series 2 Intercom Beltpack 1ch 3pin XLR

Item Code: 300-4142
Part Number: 27-511

Series 2 Beltpack Headset Outstation for 1 Circuit of Communication using the 3 Pin XLR Connector. Housed in a High Impact Black ABS Case. Fitted with a Powerfull Headphone Amplifier, Remote 'Mic Kill' feature, Male & Female 3Pin XLR Connector for Connection to the Loop Circuit & a 4pin XLR Panel Plug for the Headset/Microphone Connection. Not supplied with a Headset

BP511 Beltpack Headset Outstation

- Lightweight, robust high impact ABS case

- Recessed controls and connectors prevent damage

- New rear mushroom - mates with swivel belt clip and other mounting options

- Male and female XLR 3 pin connectors on base for connection to intercom circuit

- Compatible with standard mic cables

- Loop through for daisy-chaining beltpacks

- Male XLR 4 pin connector for headset

- Powerful headphone amplifier with level control

- Sidetone preset for adjusting level of own voice in headset

- Limiter on mic amp prevents distortion due to overload

- Two 'Mic Select' switches in parallel latching and non-latching operation

- 'Remote Mic Kill' send and receive - 24kHz tone

- 'Call' alert signal 20kHz and DC send and receive. Visual and audible 'Call' indication

- Mimic 'Call' LED indicator on base for increased visibility

- Local 'Call' alert tone, programmable

- Vibration 'Call' alert option

- Microphone disable mode

- LED indicator bright and dim operating modes

- Beltpack settings revert to default when system power removed

- Black matt finish to minimise visibility in stage applications

- Compatible with original Tecpro designs

Tecpro Series 2 headset outstations (or beltpacks as they are commonly known) are tough, lightweight, remote intercom stations typically hung from the belt but can be used freestanding or mounted on a suitable surface. They offer full duplex operation and have been designed for portable use where care may not always taken by the user.

Series 2 beltpacks retain the robustness and simplicity of previous Tecpro designs while extending their performance to meet current operational requirements. They are compatible with earlier designs of Tecpro equipment.

To reduce weight without compromising strength or hard-wearing properties, Series 2 beltpack cases are constructed from high impact ABS.

Three versions are available. The BP511 single circuit beltpack replaces the massively popular BP111 while the BP523 and BP525 beltpacks replace the six previous dual circuit models.

Dual circuit beltpacks offer simultaneous access to two separate intercom circuits. Monitoring is via a pluggable headset and each circuit has its own volume control. Two 'Microphone Select' switches let the operator speak to either or both circuits. 'Mic Select' switches glow green when activated.

The BP511 single circuit beltpack retains both 'Mic Select' switches linked in parallel. Pressing either switch will open or close the microphone circuit. A single volume control is provided for monitoring.

To catch the attention of operators who have removed their beltpack and headset, a call alert signal is sent by pressing the red 'Call' button. This produces a combination of 20kHz tone and a DC signal to trigger the call lights on all user stations and outstations on a chosen circuit. DC call signalling has been retained for compatibility with previous Tecpro designs.

When a call alert signal is received on circuit A, that channel's 'Mic select' and 'Call' buttons flash brightly to attract attention. On dual circuit beltpacks, this is repeated for circuit B. For increased visibility, Series 2 beltpacks have a mimic LED on their base so the call alert may be seen from most angles. A 'Call' send/receive confidence tone is also heard in the headset. This may be muted by pressing a combination of buttons on the beltpack.

An optional vibration motor (as used in mobile phones) is available. This triggers when a call alert signal is received. This function can be switched off by pressing a combination of buttons on the beltpack.

The brightly illuminated 'Mic Select' and 'Call' switches make for good visibility in well lit areas. For blackout conditions with an audience present, a low light mode may be entered which dims the green mic buttons and prevents the call light from flashing. This is initiated by pressing a combination of buttons on the beltpack.

All series 2 beltpacks can send and receive 'Remote Mic Kill' signals. This mode is useful for keeping unnecessary noise and chatter to a minimum so important commands are not missed. On receipt of a 24kHz tone on circuit A or B, the beltpack will respond by switching off the corresponding microphone if it is active. To initiate 'Remote Mic Kill', a combination of buttons must be pressed. First generation beltpacks use mechanical 'Mic select' switches so are unable to respond to the mic kill tone.

When talk back from an operator is not required, one or both microphone circuits can be disabled by pressing a combination of buttons on the beltpack.

The three new beltpack variants are fitted with different XLR combinations. The BP511 single circuit beltpack is fitted with male and female XLR3 connectors in parallel so beltpacks may be easily daisy-chained together to form a temporary intercom circuit.

The BP525 dual circuit beltpack uses male and female XLR5 connectors in parallel so beltpacks may be easily daisy-chained together to form a temporary intercom circuit using dedicated 5pin XLR cables.

The BP523 dual circuit beltpack uses two separate female input XLR3 connectors one for each circuit. Space restrictions dictate there is no loop through facility available on this beltpack.

While commonly referred to as 'Beltpacks', Series 2 headset outstations are now more versatile. A 'mushroom' shaped extrusion on the rear of the case is designed to mate with a swivel belt clip (supplied) and a wide range of other options including the 'hip drop clip', 'sash band clip' and 'no belt' waistband clip. Other options are under development.

Technical Specification

Maximum current consumption: 40mA in 'Call' mode (all LEDs on)

With optional vibration motor: 50mA

Case material: High Impact ABS

Dimensions (l x w x h)mm: 120 x 103 x 54

Weight: 240g

With optional vibrator motor: 260g


Channels 1
Product Range Comms Belt Packs
Condition New
Brand Tecpro
Wired/Wireless Wired
Trade Price: £279.36 (Inc VAT)

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