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Knowing Your Sound Quiz

Quiz results

Think you know all there is know about sound design? Take our fifteen-question quiz all about sound in the staging and theatre industry . This quiz is ideal for students of Drama and Theatre Studies with a printable answer page at the end of the quiz.

Question #1

Q1. Why is sound design important in theatre?

pick as many as you think are correct

Question #2

The ______________ is responsible for everything the audience hears during a production. This includes any live or recorded music and sound effects as well as the vocal projection of the actors, both speaking and singing.

pick one

Question #3

True or false: An effect is a sound other than speech or music made artificially for use in a play, film, or other broadcast production.

pick one

Question #4

Q4. What are the four stages of a sound chain for a sound system?

pick one

Question #5

Select TWO examples of an input for a stage sound system:

pick as many as you think are correct

Question #6

Which of the following are controls in a sound mixer?

pick as many as you think are correct

Question #7

Q7. Where does the amplifier sit in the sound chain?

pick one

Question #8

______________ are where the audio sources are connected to a sound mixer. These can be anything from a line-level signal for keyboards to an XLR connection for microphones.

pick one

Question #9

______________ controls the input level of each channel. Because XLR connection (microphones) are of a much lower level output than line-level signals (audio players), these controls adjust the amount of pre-amplification applied to low-level input signals.

pick one

Question #10

Q10. The ______________ changes the frequency curve of a sound. For example, if a sound source is bright, frequencies can be tuned down. This type of control also allows users to adjust high, mid and low frequencies separately.

pick one

Question #11

The ______________ is used to adjust the level of each input signal. The main function of this control is to adjust balance between various input signals to create the right mix.

pick one

Question #12

Name the three most popular types of microphone for stage performances:

pick one

Question #13

Why is speaker and microphone placement so important for stage performances?

pick as many as you think are correct

Question #14

When speakers emit sound, bass frequencies flow around obstacles but mid and high range frequencies tend to get blocked or absorbed. Bearing this in mind, why is it important to elevate speakers for a performance?

pick one

Question #15

Speakers have directional patterns and project sounds at varying angles. What two general categories can you group speaker patterns into?

pick one

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