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Knowing Your Stage Light Quiz

Quiz results

Test your knowledge of the lighting aspects of stage installations and theatre productions with this short quiz. This is the perfect quiz to brush up on your stage lighting knowledge, especially if you’re studying Drama or Theatre Studies at either GCSE or A-Level. You can even print out your answers at the end to add to your portfolio.

Question #1

What are important functions of stage lighting?

pick as many as you think are correct

Question #2

A ______________ lantern is the simplest type of stage light and consists of a lamp and a reflector in a box with no lens.

pick one

Question #3

The ______________ is a is a soft-edged spotlight that is commonly used to wash light over an area of the stage. The size of its beam can be adjusted by moving the lamp and reflector closer to or farther from the lens.

pick one

Question #4

______________ lanterns produce clearly defined spots of light. They can produce hard-edged or soft-edged spotlights and consist of a lens, lamp, reflector, shutters and a gate.

pick one

Question #5

______________ are versatile lanterns that have movable beams, gobo wheels and prisms. Usually controlled by a lighting console, this type of lantern can produce complex lighting effects.

pick one

Question #6

True or false: Gobos are metal templates or stencils that you can place in front of a light source to control the shape of the light emitted.

pick one

Question #7

Which three positions make up the three-point lighting system regularly used in theatre, film and video?

pick one

Question #8

The ______________ shines directly on the subject to highlight its form and dimensions. It also defines the strength, colour and angle of the overall lighting design.

pick one

Question #9

The ______________ shines on the subject from a side angle. It illuminates shaded surfaces and reduces shadows across the face of stage actors.

pick one

Question #10

The ______________ shines on the subject from above. It adds a halo effect to the actor’s head and shoulders and helps to separate the subjects from the background scenery.

pick one

Question #11

Which of the following is an element of lighting design?

pick as many as you think are correct

Question #12

What is a lighting plot?

pick one

Question #13

Which statement(s) is/are not true of lighting control consoles:

pick as many as you think are correct

Question #14

______________ are devices used to lower the brightness of a light and a ______________ is a control path for designated lanterns.

pick one

Question #15

Lighting from stage lanterns that leaks outside the area of its intended focus is called what?

pick one

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