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Central Sussex College

Innovative Installation

Stage Electrics was approached by Central Sussex College to install a technical system capable of supporting a new versatile 250 seat theatre, dance studio, rehearsal studio and 4 audio rehearsal rooms. Stage Electrics' ability to provide installation consultancy was a primary reason for the college approaching them.

Curtain TrackThe key objective was to allow flexibility and, therefore, technical systems were designed around this. The venue can adapt to host a whole spectrum of performances from Shakespeare plays to rock concerts. The innovative technology provides full technical foundations for all scenarios.

The technical systems allow for users with different levels of experience. Simple lighting and audio systems, along with sophisticated equipment, mean the system can be controlled by anyone from a complete novice to an experienced theatre technician, making the venue an ideal learning environment.

Theatre LightingRelying on equipment at the forefront of today's technical performance industry, the innovative design pioneers the use in the UK of the Roland M400 desk and 1608 REAC devices. Lighting is managed using Strand's latest console. The Classic Palette drives control of Martin automated lighting fixtures and a Zero88 Chilli dimming system with confidence and accuracy.

The college now has the technical foundations to excel with ease.

"It was a joy to work with Stage Electrics over a 2 year period. Their professional approach, guidance and support were quite amazing. They would always find creative solutions to what I asked of them. They have provided us with the cutting edge technology to allow us to teach our students to the highest level. This was a wonderful creative partneship. Our opening show 'Parade' really pushed the technology to its limits and it worked beautifully to create a stunning opening perfomance to our new venue."

Jonathan Goodwin, Artistic Director, Central Sussex College

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