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Stage Electrics is an official UK distributor and exclusive stockist of Altair products. This means our certified technicians and experienced designers are able to offer advice and support the sale, hire and installation of a wide variety of Altair's communication products.

Our extensive stock includes a range of cost-effective, reliable wired and wireless intercom systems for theatres and production companies.
The E-200 series incorporates all of the equipment in Altair's wired intercom system. Both the EF-200 (two channel) and the EF-204 (four channel) master station units power the system's components and provide digital control for tasks such as mic kill, remote buzzer switch off and PTT mic switching.
The EM-201 and EM-202 are single channel and dual channel beltpacks respectively. Both provide independent and simultaneous communication with A and B channels. In addition, both beltpacks are configurable to many different types of headsets and hands-free earpieces on the market and include a secure belt clip.

We also stock a selection of accessories that are compatible with the E-200 intercom system. This includes a Bluetooth beltpack, power supply units (PS-200), a universal interface (4W2-200), a passive splitter (5P3-202), plus single and double muff headsets (AM-100/S Y AM-100/2S).
The WB-200 series incorporates all the equipment in Altair's wireless system. The four wireless beltpack system comprises of the WBS-200 base station and WBP-200 or WBP-210 battery-powered beltpacks. While the eight wireless beltpack system incorporates the WBS-202 base station, plus WBP-200/WBP-210 (single channel) and WBP-202/WBP-212 (dual channel) battery-powered beltpacks.

Like the E-200 series, the WB-200 series includes a selection of compatible accessories. This includes heavy duty brief cases for transporting your equipment safely, wireless beltpack chargers (WBPC-200 and WBPC-210), plus specially designed single and double muff headsets (WAM-100 and WAM-100/2).

For use within larger arena and performance areas, we also stock a selection of compatible antenna that are designed to boost the intercom system's signal.
As an experienced Altair dealer and reseller, the Stage Electrics team boast an extensive knowledge of the brand's product portfolio. For this reason, we are able to advise and support the sale, hire and installation of every product listed above and more.

For more information about anything you have read, or to request a quote, please contact us.




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