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Audio Technica

At Stage Electrics, our certified technicians are able to offer advice and support for the sale and installation of a wide selection of Audio Technica's audio equipment.
For instance, our extensive stock includes a huge range of the manufacturer's microphones, designed for the entertainment industry.

The PRO 44 is a high-performance boundary microphone, with a low profile design that is ideal for conference tables, podiums and lecterns. It also boasts a robust design and self-contained electronics that mean you won't need to use external power modules.

The U851R and U851RW models of boundary microphones are designed for surface-mount applications. This means they are ideal for professional recording situations that require high quality sound reinforcement such as television and conferences.

The AT 8015 is a shotgun or rifle microphone. Used for picking up sound at a short distance, the AT 8015 offers exceptional sound rejection from the sides and the rear of the mic, which creates pure and extremely focused sound reproduction.

The PRO 45 is a cardioid (heart-shaped) condenser hanging microphone. With its unobtrusive presence, robust construction, high SPL and versatile sound-reinforcement for speech and instrumental music, the PRO 45 is ideal for suspending above a choir, orchestra or stage performance.

We also stock a wide range of Audio Technica's handheld microphones, which are ideally suited to a variety of live performance situations.

The ATM 510 is a cardioid dynamic microphone, which is designed for smooth and natural sounding voice reproduction. The ATM 510's design is extremely durable, which makes it ideal for long-lasting performances, and includes a multi-stage grille design for exceptional protection from plosives (pops).

The PR031 is a more affordable cardioid dynamic microphone. Available in two models for use with different microphone connectors, the PRO 31 (XLRF-XLRM cable) and PRO 31QTR (XLRF- ¼" cable) are designed especially for close-up vocal performances.

The Midnight Blue Series (MB1K, MB2K, MB3K and MB4K) is another range of handheld microphones manufactured by Audio Technica. Together, the Midnight Blue Series provides affordable vocal and instrument microphones, with high-output design and exceptional sound reproduction.

We also stock a selection of Audio Technica's radio microphones for amplifying speech or song through a sound system.

For instance, System 10 is a full digital, high-fidelity wireless system, with advanced 24-bit operation, which is easy to setup and offers performers superb natural sound quality. The 2000 Series is an affordable, 10 channel wireless system that offers greater versatility by being designed for a wide variety of applications.

As an experienced Audio Technica dealer, the Stage Electrics team possesses a comprehensive knowledge of the brand's product portfolio. For this reason, we are able to advise and support the sale and installation of every product listed above and more.

For more information about anything you have read, or to request a quote, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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