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ETC (Electronic Theatre Controls) is an industry leading manufacturer of lighting equipment. They specialise in creating flexible dimming, power distribution, control and lighting fixtures for a variety of venues across the globe.

Stage Electrics is an authorised ETC dealer and stockist. This means our experienced designers and certified technicians are able to offer advice and support on the sale, hire and installation of a wide variety of ETC products.

Our extensive stock includes a selection of ETC's dimming and power distribution solutions. For example, Sensor3 is a hugely versatile, high density dimming and switching solution for professional venues and theatres. In addition, Sensor offers a modular power solution that is ideally suited to meet the demands of a complex performance environment.

ETC's sensor range is complimented by the Unison range of dimmers for architectural and front of house dimming, plus Smart Solutions that provides a more budget range of portable and permanent dimmers.
Stage Electrics is an extremely experienced, authorised re-seller and installer of ETC dimming systems, with hundreds of successful large and small scale installations to our credit.

Our extensive stock also includes a wide selection of ETC control consoles, which can be found in many of the world's leading venues. In total, ETC offers three main families of lighting desk: the Smart Family; the Cobalt Family and the Eos Family.

SmartFade ultra compact desks and SmartSoft software are ETC's entry level control solutions and are ideally suited to smaller venues and special events. The Cobalt family includes the Cobalt 10, Cobalt 20 and ETCnomad software products while the Eos console family builds from the Element console to the Ion and Gio through to the flagship Eos Ti. The Eos range offers a hugely powerful range of lighting desks, suitable for applications from school theatres to West End shows.

As an ETC dealer, Stage Electrics offers a wide range of consoles for both hire and sale. Due to the complexity of many of the brand's lighting desk products, we only offer a small selection for sale online. For this reason we prefer to talk to you before you buy, so we can make sure get the console that you need.

In terms of lighting, ETC's Source Four has become the recognised standard for stage lighting fixtures in the entertainment industry. This energy efficient unit uses the HPL lamp in combination with a dichroic reflector and high quality lenses to produce stunning on stage lighting. Found throughout our extensive hire and sales stock, the Source 4 is available in the fixed beam profile, variable beam spotlight, PAR, Fresnel, Junior, Revolution, and Mini versions.

Moreover, ETC offers LED lights in both the Selador and Source 4 range. The Selador Desire and Classic range offer professionals their unique colour mixing capability. While the Source Four LED System offers users the stunning Lustr LED array, which is the light source for a highly versatile range of stage lights that accept standard Source 4 profile lenses. Plus the cleverly designed Cyc light and Fresnel adaptors massively increase the possible uses for the Lustr unit, making the Source 4 LED System a highly versatile stage lighting solution.

ETC's latest stage lighting product is the ColourSource Spot. This light offers similar capabilities to the Source Four LED, but at a lower price. Thus the ColourSource Spot outperforms many other four-colour profiles on the market, offering excellent versatility on a budget.
As one of ETC's largest dealers, the Stage Electrics team boast an extensive knowledge of the brand's product portfolio. Therefore, we are able to advise and support the sale, hire and installation of a vast range of ETC products. Furthermore, our certified technicians can also assist with the long-term service and repair of any ETC product you already own.

For more information about anything you have read, or to request a quote, please contact us.

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