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Le Maitre

Although Le Maître is a French-sounding name, the company is based in the UK. Since 1977, Le Maître has been one of the world's leading manufacturers of professional standard pyrotechnics and special effects for both indoor and outdoor use.

As Le Maître's largest dealer in the country, Stage Electrics is able to advise and support the hire and sale of an extensive range of the brand's products.

Our collection includes a vast array of pyrotechnics. A Gerb, for example, is a firework that produces a vertical jet of spectacular sparks. Silver Stars produce a dense plume of silver sparks that reach up to 13ft in height. Starbursts, which are designed to be suspended from above, create a flash of light that propels fiery stars in multiple directions.

In addition, Glitter Cartridges produce an eye-catching explosion of glitter with a height and width of up to 20ft x 13ft. Robotics are used in film and television to reproduce the sparks associated with electrical faults. Maroons create a very loud 'bang' effect, while Flame Projectors create a green, red or orange flame that projects upwards.

Le Maître's trademark and most popular product is the Pyroflash cartridge, which produces a whole range of effects. The simple, plug-in and play cartridge system is ideal for creating indoor special effects for live events held at theatres, concerts and large-scale club nights.

Le Maître also manufacture the controllers, cables and firing systems needed for discharging all of their pyrotechnics safely and with the maximum effect.
Additionally, Le Maître manufactures a range of industry-leading smoke, fog and haze machines. For example, the powerful and versatile MVS Hazer, the ever popular Neutron Hazer or the robust canister based Mini Mist. While the GForce range includes basic, intermediate and top-end smoke machines for producing stunning low level fog effects.

Le Maître also creates a wide range of specially prepared fluids that are designed to produce the best results when used with their smoke, fog and haze machines.

Stage Electrics supplies for sale and hire the firing hardware, cabling and cartridges for all of the pyrotechnics listed above and more. Plus, we can ship Le Maître products and equipment to destinations throughout the UK mainland within 48 hours.

For more information about anything you have read, or to request a quote, please contact us.

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