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Lee Filters

At Stage Electrics, our experienced designers are able to assist in the sale of a wide selection of Lee Filters' products.

For instance, our extensive stock includes a vast array of Lee Filters' core product: specialist lighting filters. Available in a huge selection of colours, the manufacturer's lighting filters are scientifically tested to ensure a long-lasting and highly dependable product.

Within their core product range, Lee Filters also manufacture High Temperature lighting filters in a wide selection of colours. Produced in both sheets and rolls, these filters are designed to cope with the highest demanding performance requirements.

Lee Filters also manufacture a selection of technical filters that you can use to convert and manipulate light sources. This range includes daylight, tungsten and fluorescent conversions, as well as neutral densities, reflectors and scrims for producing a vast array of lighting effects.

Standard filters look completely different when used with LED performance lighting. For this reason, Lee Filters also manufacture two specialist LED ranges: Colours and Zircon Filters.

The Colours range of filters are designed to help you mix LED and Tungsten light sources together, which is all but impossible without using specialist filters. While Zircon Filters offer a lifespan 200 times greater than a standard filter, which reduces the fading of colours over time, caused by high-intensity LED fixtures.

The Designer Series incorporates a range of filters for live performances and broadcasting. By collaborating with some of the world's leading lighting designers, Lee have created a huge range of colour filters that you can use to invoke specific moods to complement performances. Four of these colours were created by the co-founder of Stage Electrics, David Whitehead, these are 709 Electric Lilac, 794 Pretty 'n Pink, 767 Oklahoma Yellow, 795 Magical Magenta.

Stage Electrics' certified technicians boast an extensive knowledge of Lee Filters' products. For this reason, we are able to offer support and advice for choosing the filters you will need to bring your performance to life.

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