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MA Lighting

At Stage Electrics, our certified technicians are able to offer advice on and support the sale of MA Lighting's hugely popular grandMA2 series of lighting control consoles. Products include the grandMA2 full-size, the grandMA2 light, the grandMA2 ultra-light and the grandMA2 onPC.

The grandMA2 full-size is MA Lighting's most powerful console, and provides full control over conventional lights, moving lights and LED fixtures. Equipped with cutting-edge technology and two multi-touch command screens, the full-size console provides full control over a huge number of lighting and video applications.

The grandMA2 light offers all the features and controls of the full-size model, but for fewer lighting applications. And the grandMA2 ultra-light is specially designed for smaller scale performance situations.

The grandMA2 onPC is software that transfers all the functions of a grandMa2 console on to your PC, laptop or notebook computer. You can also use grandMA2 onPC for running, programming or pre-programming (offline) moving light shows.

All grandMA2 consoles come with an optional Silent Version, which means they include an optimised fan for noise-sensitive environments like opera houses or TV studios. Furthermore, all grandMA2 consoles are suited not only for lighting control, but also for integration with a range of video applications.

In addition to the grandMA2 series, we stock the Dot2 lighting console. Designed as a mid-budget console between the onPC and the ultra-light, the Dot2 is an extremely easy to operate and powerful lighting console optimised for small to mid-sized venues.

As a highly experienced MA Lighting dealer and reseller, the Stage Electrics team has an extensive knowledge of this manufacturer's portfolio. Therefore, we are able to advise on and support the sale, hire and installation of every product listed above and more.
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