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At Stage Electrics, our certified technicians are able to offer advice on and support the sale and hire of a wide selection of MagicFX's high-end confetti and streamer special effects equipment for the entertainment industry.

For example, our extensive stock includes a range of handheld cannons. Available in 28cm, 50cm and 80cm versions, MagicFX manufacture handheld cannons pre-packed with confetti and streamers in a wide choice of colours.

We also stock MagicFX's empty handheld cannons in 28cm, 50cm and 80cm versions, which you can fill with confetti and streamers in a colour of your choice. Plus, handheld cannons that come pre-packed with special heart-shaped confetti, which are perfect for weddings and romantic-themed performances.

For Magic FX input and output data please click here. 

If you're looking for bigger effect, the MagicFX Power Shot is a powerful, easy to use confetti shooting system. The MagicFX Confetti Gun is a handheld confetti and streamer cannon that includes a red laser for easier aiming. And the MagicFX Shot Base (wireless and DMX) is a system designed for shooting confetti from podiums or trusses.

Air FX is MagicFX's range of swirl fans, which are used for creating a silent rain of confetti - sometimes called the 'snow effect' - over a performance area or dance floor. Equipment in this range includes the MagicFX Stage Propeller, MagicFX Stage Fan and MagicFX Stage Fan XL.

CO2 FX is MagicFX's range of gas-powered effects. After an increasing number of venues have been prohibited from using pyrotechnics because of health and safety risks, CO2 powered effects have become extremely popular.
The MagicFX CO2 Gun, for instance, is a high pressure pistol used for blowing smoke plumes of CO2 gas. The MagicFX CO2 Jet is designed to blow white smoke plumes up to a distance of eight metres. And the Magic FX Dominator is a powerful multi-head CO2 cannon designed for blowing multiple plumes of smoke. 

Our extensive stock also contains a selection of power controllers and DMX controllers for MagicFX's special effects machines. This includes the MagicFX Effect'ivator 1 and 4, plus the MagicFX DMX FX Switch Pack.

We also stock a wide range of MagicFX consumables and refills.

As a highly experienced MagicFX dealer and reseller, the Stage Electrics team has an extensive knowledge of every product in the manufacturer's portfolio. For this reason, we are able to advise on and support the sale, hire and installation of every product listed above and more.

For more information about anything you have read, or to request a quote, please contact us.

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