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Philips Strand

As the creative demands of entertainment lighting continue to expand, Strand Lighting has responded with a series of new product introductions demonstrating a commitment to providing lighting solutions. The latest generation of television, film & broadcast lighting provides a vast array of features as well as the high quality expected from Philips Strand.

The 150S & 300S Softlights from Philips Strand.

These LED studio softlights have a very high TLCI rating (in excess of 94), consistent colour temperature, silent cooling, a huge illuminance output area and 50° beam angle, ensuring an even and smooth output.

200F & 400F LED Fresnels from Philips Strand.

Providing excellent light output these highly efficient LED Fresnels compare directly to a 1000W tungsten fresnel (200F) and a 2000W fresnel (400F). Available as manual or pole operation lights and a choice of colour temperatures. Offering a beautifully flat beam with no hotspot these fresnels are fantastic key lights.

The LEDhead

An update to the ever popular redhead lights, the LEDhead is available in two colour temperatures, Daylight or Tungsten, with precision tuning to get the perfect colour temperature. An IP rating of 64 lets you shoot, whatever the weather or location. With a choice between using a battery or mains power adding to the flexibility of these versatile fixtures.

Stage Electrics is proud to be the exclusive dealer for Strand Lighting in the UK. If you would like a demonstration or want to find out more don't hesitate to contact us.

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