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At Stage Electrics, our certified technicians are able to offer advice on and support the sale, hire and installation of a wide selection of RCF Audio speaker systems and audio components.

All professional speakers manufactured by RCF Audio incorporate precision transducers and cabinets built from the finest materials. The extensive RCF range also includes a complete range of loudspeakers and systems for touring and theatre productions.

For instance, the ART Series, which includes the highly popular ART 310-A and ART 310 models, are active and passive speakers designed for stage monitoring, PS systems and live sound reinforcement for a wide variety of applications.

The 4Pro Series is a collection of compact, high-performance speakers. Because 4Pro Series models feature rigging points on the top and bottom of each speaker, they have become a firm favourite with many touring bands and musicians.

The D-Line Series encompasses revolutionary design and precise engineering to deliver outstanding loudspeaker technology for professional musicians and performers. Both the HTL 10-A and the HTL 20-A are best sellers in this series, delivering simple to set up line array speakers with all of RCF Audio's trademark sound quality and durability.

The TT and TT+ Range consists of true high-definition speakers, which incorporate the latest transducer, digital active amplification and digital sound processing technologies. As such, the TT Range, which includes the TT 25-A II, the TT 22-A II and the TTL33 WP, among others, offers a choice of active and passive speakers for large-scale touring and theatre productions.

RCF Audio's Media Series provides sound engineers with small- and medium-sized speakers, to complement the large-scale models found in the manufacturer's other ranges. And the RCF Monitor Series is a range of high-quality compact speakers that are designed for crucial listening purposes in demanding live performance and studio situations.

The L-PAD Series is RCF Audio's line of multi-channel mixing consoles. They are designed for a wide variety of application, from musical performances to conferences. Each mixer in the L-PAD Series boasts elegant Italian design and the latest sound processing technologies.

RCF Audio's range of professional amplifiers offers a selection of sound reinforcement equipment for clubs and live performance venues of all sizes.

The QPS 9600, for example, is a 4-channel, compact, lightweight, high-power amplifier. The DPS 3000 is a 2-channel power amplifier, capable of handling exceptionally high power. And the HP 1500 and HP 2500 are both 2-channel power amplifiers designed for professional touring racks and installed sound systems.

In addition to professional speaker systems, RCF Audio manufactures a complete range of products for commercial audio purposes, such as distribution of background music and public announcements. This includes a wide selection of 100V Line speaker system products, including ceiling speakers, horn speakers and amplifiers.

As a highly experienced RCF Audio dealer and reseller, the Stage Electrics team has an extensive knowledge of every product in the manufacturer's portfolio. For this reason, we are able to advise on and support the sale, hire and installation of every product listed above and more.

For more information about anything you have read, or to request a quote, please contact us.

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