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Rosco Lab

At Stage Electrics, our experienced designers and certified technicians are able to offer advice and support with the sale, hire and installation of a wide variety of Rosco Lab products.

Our extensive stock includes a huge selection of Rosco's Supergel lighting filters. One of the most widely used filter in the entertainment industry today, the Supergel range consists of a massive 75 colours and 15 diffusions. Manufactured using polycarbonate plastic, the Supergel series' melting point is 220°C, which ensures the filters are one of the most durable on the market.

Rosco also manufacture a wide range of industry-standard scenic and special effects paints. For instance, Off Broadway is one of the brand's most popular scenic paints. Available in 27 artists' colours and six metallic colours, you can apply Off Broadway paint straight out of the can and onto most surfaces used in stagecraft - including wood, metal and plastics.

In terms of special effects paints, Rosco's Fluorescent range is hugely popular. Available in nine ultra-bright paints, the brand's Fluorescent range shines vividly under ultraviolet lights and is suitable for creating a wide range of amazing effects.

In addition to their Fluorescent range, Rosco also manufacture the VividFX range of ultra-violet special effects paints. Available in 13 vibrant colours and formulated using the highest quality pigments available, the VividFX range provides single coat coverage for excellent versatility in demanding situations.
At Stage Electrics, we also supply a wide selection of Rosco's staging materials, floors and screens - which are each designed for durability and use within a wide range of performance venues.

For instance, Rosco mirrors are a range of light-weight, mirror-like reflective materials that provide a safer way of creating a range of scenic effects. In total, there are seven products in the Rosco mirrors range, including Silver Shrink Mirror, which provides optical properties extremely close to glass on low cost plastic.

There's also Slit Drape, which is a slashed curtain material that picks up and bounces light to create a variety of extraordinary effects. Plus, Rosco manufacture a range of high quality, extremely strong tapes to help you hold everything together - including GaffTac, Glow Tape and TecStretch.
Besides their filters, special effects paints and staging materials, Rosco also manufacture a wide range of gobos and cutting-edge performance lights.
This includes a selection of LED luminaries such as the Miro Cube range. Consisting of the WNC, 4C and UV, the Miro Cube range are high-end lights that, in combination, offer full colour mixing, adjustable colour temperatures and high-powered ultra-violet light capabilities.
As an experienced Rosco dealer and reseller, the Stage Electrics team boast an extensive knowledge of the brand's product portfolio. Therefore, we are able to advise and support the sale, hire or installation of every product listed above and more.

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