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Previously known as Philips Strand Broadcast, SIGNIFY are pioneers in connected LED lighting products. They have an exciting line-up of multi-talented fixtures for television studio and location lighting. Their strong heritage in producing camera ready Fresnel’s and panel lights has been extended to include soft lights and weatherproof portable location fixtures.

TV Fresnels: 200F and 400F

Philips Strand 200F and 400F, broadcast-grade fresnels, provide a world class LED alternative to the traditional 1kW and 2kW tungsten fresnels, reducing the power consumption by approximately 80%.
Using an innovative optical and thermal design, the 400F’s 10” lens, provides a 12–45° beam angle delivering more than 2000 lux at a 10m distance. Equipped with a smart Strand control user interface, the colour LCD display with 8 soft keys and decoder wheel enables intuitive operation. A USB port also allows for future firmware upgrades or performance data file downloads.
Both the 200F and 400F LED TV fresnels consist of both a tungsten and daylight

Softlights: 150S and 300S

Philips Strand 150S and 300S are a slimline LED studio softlights designed specifically, for TV broadcast lighting. Higher than 90 TLCI and consistent cool white – 5600K and warm white – 3100K in a soft even output. Conventional cooling without fans to offer a quiet operation environment during TV program recording. A large illuminance output area, 50ˇ beam angle for a smooth even output to a far distant object. High performance optical system formed by a high quality PMMA convex lens and frost panel filter. With on board full colour LCD display, all necessary data such as DMX address, Intensity, Cd value, CRI, LED/tungsten mode, Curve type, CCT and internal temperature can be viewed at all times. With the simple “touch and turn” design, all parameters can be easily adjusted.

Today’s demand for camera ready lighting goes beyond the traditional set ups. It’s increasingly about multi-platform transmissions – and this had led to the need for fixtures which have excellent light quality, are versatile, robust and economical, something SIGNIFY can certainly deliver.












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