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At Stage Electrics, our certified technicians are able to offer advice on and support the sale, hire and installation of a wide variety of Swisson's innovative DMX tools and solutions for the entertainment industry.

For instance, our extensive stock includes a wide selection of the manufacturer's industry-standard DMX testers, designed for use with intelligent lighting systems.

The XMT 120A is a powerful measurement and tester tool for entertainment lighting installations using the standard digital communication, DMX512. Features of this device include simplifying debugging, monitoring DMX512 signals and testing RGB LED lighting channels. The XMT-120A can be connected to a PC via USB, and Windows software can then be used for managing the fixture library for intelligent devices and uploading firmware updates.

The XMT 350 is a compact RDM controller and DMX tester. It can be used to monitor a wide variety of RDM-enabled devices and can also monitor and display DMX signals graphically. The device's simple and user-friendly interface makes using its cable testing, timing analysis and sequence editing features incredibly easy.

In addition to Swisson's DMX testers, we also stock a selection of the manufacturer's high-quality splitters, boosters, plus DMX mergers and recorders.

The XSP Series of DMX splitters provides the highest level of performance and reliability for professional use, while the XSR Series of hybrid splitters boosts DMX and RDM signals. Both the XSP Series and the XSR Series boast a specially designed power supply, which ensures safer operation, even in harsh mains conditions.

The XSW Series is a selection of wireless DMX splitters manufactured by Swisson, which can operate as either a DMX transmitter or as a DMX receiver at the press of a button.

The XMG-51 is a DMX Merger that can combine up to five DMX lines together into one, which means multiple lighting control systems can be used on a single light installation. And the XRC-200 is a user-friendly DMX recording and replay unit, which allows non-professionals to play pre-recorded sequences for moving light installations.

As an experienced Swisson dealer and reseller, the Stage Electrics team boasts an extensive knowledge of the brand's product portfolio. Therefore, we are able to advise and support the sale, hire and installation of every product listed above and more.

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