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Radio Microphone Frequency Information

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OFCOM have issued formal notice that access to the band 694 to 790 MHz will cease from 1 May 2020. No use will be authorised beyond this date.
As part of its funding for the 700 MHz clearance a grant scheme has been agreed with the government. OFCOM will be overseeing the grant scheme and will be consulting on the details shortly, the consultation will include proposals as to the type of equipmentand users that will be eligible for funding. The grant scheme is expected to be launching in 2019.
More from OFCOM

OFCOM have announced that the sale of the 700 MHz band will go ahead. The consultation period is open until the 18th of December.
The full statement from OFCOM

The planned release of the 700MHz band for mobile services will reduce the available spectrum for use with wireless/radio microphones and in ear monitors. The spectrum being sold off is currently used for location specific licenced frequencies

OFCOM have announced that the sale of the 700 MHz band will go ahead. This is unlikely to affect users who have bought radio microphones from Stage Electrics.
The full statement from OFCOM

OFCOM publishes decision to extend access to 790 - 862 MHz for PMSE until the end of 2012

OFCOM have announced that they are extending access by three months to the channel range 61 to 69 until the 31st of December 2012. arqiva PMSE (formerly JFMG) will continue to co-ordinate the use of channels 61 to 68 during this period.

Full Details are available from:


Changes to UHF Radio Microphone Frequencies

Radio TowerWhat's happening?
The UK Government has announced that they will be selling off UHF radio mic frequency bands, to bring us in line with the rest of Europe, and to allow mobile phone operators to increase their ability to supply smart phone services.

How does this affect me?
This will affect all radio microphone users as the sell off includes the frequencies of Channel 69. Instead, Channel 38 will be home to licensed radio microphone users.

The result of this sell off is that the majority of radio mics currently in use will become both unusable, and illegal to use from 1st October 2012.

The following chart explains how the frequencies are/will be allocated:

Shure Radio Mic Chart Final
Above table taken from Shure's Digital Switch Over Support literature. Click Here to visit the whole publication online.

*As per the table above, the interleaved spectrum channels in green may be available for use under licence, depending on geographic location. Users should continue to operate in conjunction with this service both before and after the channel 69 to channel 38 switch over in 2012. Visit OFCOM for more information.

According to current information, you should be able to expect to use your existing equipment until 1st October 2012 although this date may change

Owners of radio mic equipment may have the option to modify existing equipment to channel 39 or purchase new Radio Mics

Obsolete equipment will no longer be legal to use, we appreciate that this subject is complex and you may like advice on whether you can modify your existing equipment or what new equipment you need buy. Contact Us 

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