We’ve been leading innovation in the world of stage management desks for decades.

Now we design and build desks for use in education, professional venues and touring shows around the world.

Our Stage Management Desks offer high levels of portability and come in a choice of enclosures, including upright and tabletop and our new ergonomic raise/lower desk position.

Because every venue and tour is different, our stage management desks are designed to accommodate your specific needs. And not just for this tour. Each desk is easily updated to add new technologies, when they are required. 

Stage Management Desk in use built by Stage Electrics
“It is really good news that a company like Stage Electrics takes the time to engage with Stage Managers. Adapting technology and developing bespoke systems allows stage managers to remain in control at the creative heart of every performance."  

Andy Rowley - Executive Director, Stage Management Association

We use a set of core components that deliver the best in every console:

Stage Management Console Timing

Illuminated digital clock and stopwatch display with options for GPS, MSF time signal and network time synchronisation.

Task Lighting

Dimmable LED console lights and adjustable gooseneck lighting for varying light levels and ensuring accurate script reading.


As standard, a wired, two channel communication master station is included. Available with optional emergency battery back-up and “link to local paging” functionality, and compatible with a wide range of other intercoms/talkback options.

Stage Management System from Stage Electrics featuring timing cue lights and comms
Cue Lights 

The central part of any stage management desk is the cue light. Our standard model offers a highly flexible solution with large, easy to locate, tactile buttons. 

Our 16 channel cue light system, with stand-by, acknowledge and go, allows extra outstations to be added as required on bigger shows. Capable of supporting up to 36 outstations per channel, allowing Stage Managers to maximise their cue locations.

Individually addressable outstations provide the freedom to plug in anywhere on the system, with no specialist infrastructure required. The system uses a standard 3-pin XLR microphone cable, allowing it to be set up wherever it is needed.

Stage Management Cue Lights System with Comms
The Standard Portable Stage Management Desk 

This extremely popular, fully portable desk offers a feature-packed solution that is both easy to use and competitively priced. We developed this console with a simple philosophy in mind, “make professional specification equipment available to all.”   

With a small footprint this portable tabletop console requires no infrastructure and can be easily moved between venues, making it ideal if you require total flexibility. Supplied complete with four cue light outstations, four talkback belt-packs and five headsets, this desk is the complete turn-key communication package.   

Flight case and desk-stand options are available, and an ideal way to protect, transport and locate your Standard Portable Stage Management Desk.

Portable Stage Management Desk from Stage Electrics
Bespoke Stage Management Desks

Looking for something a little different? We regularly work closely with stage managers, consultants and technical staff to build bespoke stage management desks with specific features, layout and finish.

Customisable console options and features include: 

  • Desktop, trolley mounted, fold away or touring versions.
  • Equipment layout, finish, colour and height can be customised to fit any criteria House lighting, paging, bar bells, curtains and even flying can be integrated via buttons or touch screen interfaces, making building control achievable from your console.
  • Integrated video screens can be added, linking to backstage or onstage cameras meaning monitoring, show relay or complex cueing can be viewed at the console.

Built with the specific functionality you require, our bespoke stage management desk can be built to suit the requirements of your venue. We can also install, programme, commission and provide full training on our desks. Contact us to find out more.

Bespoke Stage Management Desk built by Stage Electrics

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