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Core Components

We have drawn on our extensive experience to design and develop a set of core components that deliver the best in every console:

Stage Management ConsoleTiming: Illuminated large display digital clock and stop watch. Options for GPS, MSF time signal and network time synchronisation. Our timers come with auto-dimming as standard to adjust to ambient light levels preventing unwanted glare.

Task Lighting: Dimmable LED console lights and adjustable goose neck lighting providing variable light levels for accurate script reading.

Communications: A wired 2 channel communication master station as standard with features such as emergency battery back-up and ability to link to local paging. Compatible with a wide range of other intercom/talk back options with an upgrade to a partial or fully wireless system available.

Cue Lights: The central part of any stage management desk is the cue light provision. Our standard model offers a highly flexible solution and the optional upgrade to larger more tactile buttons.

Standard features include:

  • 16 channel cue light system, with stand-by, acknowledge and go, the large number of channels allows extra outstations to be added as required on bigger shows.Stage Management Console
  • Capable of supporting up to 36 outstations per channel allowing the stage manager to maximise their cue locations per channel.
  • Each channel offers 16 fully programmable user options. stage managers are able to customise each channel to their own specific requirements and even have a desk profile saved.
  • Individually addressable outstations provide the freedom to plug in anywhere on the system.
  • No specialist infrastructure required. The system uses standard 3-pin XLR microphone cable allowing it to be set up wherever it is needed.
  • Outstations can be plugged together in any wiring pattern, this provides the freedom to choose the most efficient cable routes and easily add more outstations or change configuration.
  • No venue is too large. The system is capable of working over long cable runs of up to 2,000m.


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