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Lighting Stencils

Lighting stencils aid lighting designers in their stage lighting designs by allowing them to plot the exact placement of each lantern required for a performance.

Check out Stage Electrics’ Lighting Stencils section now for professional-standard stencils at exclusive web prices.

And if you have any technical queries about lighting design, get in touch with one of our lighting expert team via the Need Some Advice link below.


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Exclusive Web Price

Product code 630-4531

Lighting Stencil with a full range of Lanterns from many Manufactures, LED Dots, HMI Indicators, Dimming Shutters, Scrollers & Moving Light Symbols in both a Metric 1:50 & 1:25 Scale. Packaged in an A4 Page Format with Cutout Holes for 2 or 4 Hole Ring Binders

£34.67 £24.00 £24.00 (Inc. VAT) ≅€28.78

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