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Product code 549-3142

Mac Quantum 430W LED RDM Ready Moving Head Profile with CMY Colour Mixing, 6 Slot + Open Colour Wheel, 6 Slot + Open Rotating Gobo Wheel, 10 Slot + Open Fixed Gobo Wheel, Prism, Iris, Zoom (12deg - 34deg), Electronic Shutter and Dimmer.

£7,656.00 £7,656.00 (Inc. VAT) ≅€8,805.17

Delivery Date to be advised

Product code 669-8593

£6,066.00 £6,066.00 (Inc. VAT) ≅€6,976.51

Normally available within 7days

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Product code 791-8623

The Rogue R2X Spot builds on the features of the Rogue R1X Spot by adding gobo-morphing technology and two variable scrolling colour wheels, for an unlimited number of space-changing and split-colour effects. The Rogue R2X Spot uses a powerful 300 W LED light source in a 16.5° angle.

£2,470.80 £2,470.80 (Inc. VAT) ≅€2,841.67

In Stock

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Product code 385-6776

The Rogue R1X Spot has a rotating 3-facet prism, a motorised iris and focus for beam shaping, as well as two gobo wheels. The R1X Spot shines brightly with a 170 W LED source in a 16° beam angle for crisp gobo projections in a range of eight beautiful colours.

£1,618.80 £1,618.80 (Inc. VAT) ≅€1,861.78

Normally available within 7days

Product code 666-9861

18-54° Zoom, LED Spot

Priced On Application. Please Contact Us For Pricing

Normally available within 7days

ETC 2510A1001 Relevé Spot Moving Head

Special delivery item

This item is too large for a standard courier, it will be delivered on a pallet

Product code 720-3260

260 watt / 6,500K LED light source, 9,500 lumen output.

£4,320.00 £4,320.00 (Inc. VAT) ≅€4,968.43

Delivery Date to be advised

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Product code 317-9617

Supplied with: Seetronic Powerkon IP65 Power Cord, 2x Omega Brackets with Mounting Hardware

£12,598.80 £12,598.80 (Inc. VAT) ≅€14,489.88

Normally available within 7days

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