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Advance 255555 Industrial Social Distancing Kit

Product code 648-5676

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Keep your employees safe with the Industrial Social Distancing Kit.

The kit is intended to support the implementation of Social Distancing measures in warehouses, factories, hospitals and schools. The kit is designed to mark out approx. 20.000 sq. ft (or 1850 m2). For areas larger than this, you may require additional kits.

The signage and tapes in the kit reminds workers to stick to social distancing rules such as maintaining a 2m distance, using hand-sanitisers, avoiding touching surfaces and minimising face contact.

The contents of this kit are assembled for convenience and are not intended as a guideline for how you should protect your workspace please contact qualified professionals for this who can take account of the latest legislation and the specific risks of your environment.

The kit contains:

  • 6 x rolls of 50mm x 33m AT8H Hazard Warning Tape yellow/black for marking boxes that could be used for marking out social distancing queues
  • 1x Large 600mm floor graphic “Follow the route, keep 2m apart” sign that could be used to encourage good social distancing behaviour at the start of a queuing area.
  • 5x 300mm “Wait here till person moves” floor graphics.
  • 2x Sheets of Social distance sticker sheets that could be used to encourage safe distancing.
  • 3x 50mm x 33m rolls of AT8 Lane Marking Tape yellow for marking out paths areas.
  • 2x 200mm One Way Arrow Symbol floor graphics that could be used at the start of one-way paths.
  • 2x 300mm No Pedestrians Symbol floor graphics that could be used at the ‘no entry’ end of a one-way path.
  • 4x 100mm One Way Arrow Symbol that could be used to mark out smaller one-way paths or to guide staff to the start of a one-way path.
  • 3x A4 semi-rigid plastic General COVID measures signs.
  • 5x A5 “Please use hand sanitiser before entering” stickers.
  • 2x A4 “Minimise face to face contact” signs for use in areas where maintaining a 2m distance is not possible.
  • 10x Small “Disinfect surfaces regularly” stickers.
  • 10 x Small “Avoid touching unless necessary” stickers. To minimise touch.



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