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Check out the Stage Electrics Specials collection now for everything from followspots to microphones. We have special offers on a fantastic range of high-quality stage equipment from industry-leading manufacturers such as Phillips and Showtec.

You can also get in touch with one of our team, via the Need Some Advice button below, if you have any technical questions. We’re happy to help.


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Product code 792-2718

Single Input, 8-Ouput DMX512 optosplitter with RDM. 19" Rack Mount with 5-pin XLR Connectors. Supplied with a free NanoScope! DMX512/RDM Tester built into an XLR Connector.

£594.00 £594.00 (Inc. VAT) ≅€683.16

In Stock

Product code 423-7152

System Comprises of: 1x 2-Way Control Unit, 2x Standard Flash Pods and 2x 10m Cables

£341.99 £341.99 (Inc. VAT) ≅€393.32

In Stock

Product code 771-7428

Frost/Snow Dirty Down Spray, Water Soluble supplied in a 400ml Spray Canister

£9.54 £9.54 (Inc. VAT) ≅€10.97

In Stock

Product code 404-1953

£20.39 £13.99 £13.99 (Inc. VAT) ≅€16.09

Normally available within 10 working days

Product code 596-5634

£160.97 £141.65 £141.65 (Inc. VAT) ≅€162.91

In Stock

Exclusive Web Price

Product code 658-4698

£3.19 £2.75 £2.75 (Inc. VAT) ≅€3.16

In Stock

Product code 747-2291

Single Use Handheld Cannon - 4m Throw. Flameproof to DIN4102-1 CLASS B1

£4.96 £4.81 £4.81 (Inc. VAT) ≅€5.53

In Stock

Special delivery item

This pyrotechnic item requires special carriage, not all delivery methods are available. May only be delivered within the UK. YOU MUST BE OVER 18 TO ORDER THIS PRODUCT.

Exclusive Web Price

Product code 755-5899

A Ready to use Fog/Cloud Effect in a spray can. Creates a light haze effect in 30 Seconds, lasting up to an hour, allowing beams of light to be seen without the use of a Smoke or Haze Machine. Suitable for Small Venues and Photographic Applications. The effect is completely safe and a non-irritant, with a slightly dusty odour

£11.89 £10.40 £10.40 (Inc. VAT) ≅€11.97

In Stock

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